Get Involved

You can help us improve democracy and make ranked choice voting a reality in Anchorage. There are many ways to help.

Stay in touch

Sign up for our email updates about upcoming meetings and events–this is the best way to meet others who are pushing for ranked choice voting in Anchorage. You can also email us directly at if you have questions or ideas!

Attend an event

Join us at an upcoming FairVote Anchorage meeting to get engaged in our work! After the meeting, we’ll send the minutes to everyone who attended (you can also request the meeting notes even if you didn’t attend–just email us at You can also attend one of our events, or participate in a ranked choice voting-related event hosted by another group in our area. Check out the events calendar here.

A meeting at FairVote Anchorage

Host an event

Advocating for ranked choice voting requires that the public understand how it works and why it’s beneficial. You can host an event or party to demonstrate ranked choice voting though something fun (like voting for the best beer, potluck dish, etc.). This helps educate your friends and network about RCV, and inspires them to spread the word too.


Volunteers are essential to getting ranked choice voting on the ballot in Anchorage, and there are lots of ways to contribute your time, enthusiasm and expertise. Volunteers can help with:  

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy

Attend an upcoming meeting of Fairvote Anchorage to meet other volunteers and find out how you can contribute to our work.